Wondering what to get the old man this Father's day? Well, Dad himself would probably tell you, “I need another necktie like I need a hole in the head!” True, Pop, but check out these 10 truly kooky cravats — too unique to pass up!

  • 1

    Fish skeleton tie

    Whattsamatta, Pops — cat ate your tie? Luckily, this fishbone fashion statement doesn't smell the way it looks. Great for practical joke-playing dads and dads who think “gag gift” is a form of personal style.

  • 2

    Eye chart tie

    The perfect neckwear for optometrist dads, dads who scream “What are you, blind?” to everyone who cuts him off in traffic, and really old Dads (aka grandads).

  • 3

    Mustache bowtie

    Mustache + bowtie = Hipster dad Holy Grail. A gift every soda-jerk dad, old-timey-barber dad and dad-who-plays-bass-in-Vampire Weekend will absolutely love.

  • 4

    Tie made out of wood

    Sure, pop's got polyester ties, rayon ties, maybe even a fancy silk tie or two. But ask the old man: got wood? This tie's fashioned out of reclaimed redwood from northern California, which makes it the perfect fashion statement for 'Frisco Bay hippies-turned-office drone yuppies.

  • 5

    Pixelated tie

    Any 'Dilbert'-type Dad has got to appreciate this piece of pixelated neckwear. In fact, he'll probably even ask you all about the “code” you “wrote” to make this tie. Oh, Dad, you're such a dweeb.

  • 6

    Sandwich “tie”

    Is your dad the type who always winds up with mustard on his tie? Well, save him a step or two and put the mustard in the tie! Of course, you can't actually wear this necktie, but we still love the workshirt-as-placemat presentation shown here.

  • 7

    Hot dog tie

    Nickname this one Dad's “five-dollar foot-long” tie. Wrap it with a card that reads “You're a real wiener, Dad!” and tell him you hope he “relishes” your thoughtful gift. The buns — oops, puns! — will never stop!

  • 8

    Recycled cassette tape tie

    Maybe your father's the type who wears his heart on his sleeve. Now he can also wear his old music collection on his chest. For the '80s-lovin' papa, these neckties made from old cassette tapes will bring back tons of Memorex memories. Just make sure Dad knows that if the tie gets wrinkled, he should not try to spool it back together with a No. 2 pencil.

  • 9

    Duct tape tie

    Stick(y) it to The Man with a self-made, duct-tape tie — the perfect accessory for Occupy Wall Street pops and other dads of anarchy.

  • 10

    iPod-toting tie

    Finally, a foulard with some function! British haberdasher Thomas Pink put out a line of neckties with a built-in pouch for your iPod — thus allowing music-loving dads to sneak in some tunes even while on the job. By the way, foulard is French for “tie,” and if you don't know that, you're probably not successful enough to afford a Thomas Pink tie.

    Thomas Pink