You're about to meet a sweet couple from Michigan that wanted to do something special. The couple with Down syndrome wanted to learn to dance before their wedding.

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Yuri Goga and Ashley McLemore were both born with Down syndrome. The pair felt an instant connection when they met about a dozen years ago and their love has blossomed ever since. Earlier this year, they decided it was time to get married and a special celebration was set for July.

But the couple had one wish. Yuri and Ashley wanted to be able to dance at their wedding.

Clarkston Dance Studio Helps Couple Learn to Dance

Dan Rutherford is the owner of the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Clarkston. But when he was approached about teaching the couple to dance, his studio wasn't quite ready to open.

Rutherford tells Detroit's WJBK-TV that he and his crew made accommodations for the couple before the studio was ready.

Ready, Willing, and Able to Dance

Rutherford tells the TV station that Yuri and Ashley were great students and really wanted to learn to dance before their big day.

"It takes time and it takes commitment which was never a problem for Yuri and Ashely, [because] they were highly motivated," he says. "It just takes the ability to want to learn."


Dancing On Stage

After the wedding, the Waterford couple got a special treat when they visited the Grand Ole Opry for their honeymoon.

Country star Mark Willis invited Yuri and Ashley onstage to dance to 'I Do,' Willis' song the couple used as their wedding song.

The couple expressed their gratitude toward Rutherford and their dance instructor Mike who made their dream come true.

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