Thanks to Porter's Orchard in Goodrich for donating the pumpkins that we butchered!

We thought it would be a fantastic idea to have a pumpkin carving contest within the Cars 108 staff. In our conference room.

Here are six things we learned from this experience:

1) You can really, REALLY break a sweat while carving a pumpkin

2) It's also very hot in our conference room when there are multiple people in there

3) If you have pumpkin seeds, give them to Jenny Boom, because she'll bake them

4) Power tools are actually very helpful

5) Those tiny little cheap knives you can buy from the store that are specifically meant for pumpkin carving are actually really helpful for the detailed spots

6) Not everybody has seen Nightmare Before Christmas, aka one of our coworkers didn't know WHO we were carving our pumpkins into

Now, the question is...whose pumpkin is best?

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