It's a pretty safe bet that next time Chloe Teply has take out delivered, she will make sure that she has a little something saved back as a tip for the delivery person because of a lesson that she learned the hard way. Follow the link to get the story!


Chloe Teply, of Des Moine, Iowa had a pizza delivered recently from her local Pizza Hut, but didn't have the extra money to tip the delivery guy. She opened the front door to her apartment several hours later and noticed a "yellow puddle". She put two and two together and realized that it was most likely the Pizza Hut employee that had not received a gratuity from her. A security camera posted in the stairwell confirmed her suspicions. Watch the video. See what you think.


After viewing the security camera footage, apartment manager Sheri Larson called Pizza Hut to complain and the driver was fired. The local television station reported the story and the unidentified delivery person did come back to the apartment to clean up the mess and to apologize. Ms. Teply, on the other hand, doesn't feel bad for not tipping. "If you're going to be really upset about things like that then maybe you shouldn't be a pizza delivery driver at all," she said.

What do you think? Was the pizza delivery guy justified in his actions? Was Chloe Teply getting back some bad karma?