Not to jump ahead a full season or anything, but let's talk Christmas! With just a few months to go before the big man himself will be sliding down the chimney, Walmart has unveiled their list of the hottest toys for the gift giving season.

In a press release last week, the retail giant listed the top 36 toys they feel will be on everyones wish list this year.

“This year’s Top-Rated by Kids Toy List reflects the shift we’ve seen in toy trends and behaviors this year,” Steve Ronchetto, vice president of Toys at Walmart, said. “Toys play a critical role in families’ lives as they spend more time at home and parents seek ways to keep kids engaged with learning-based play. More than any year before, we’re seeing strong interest across toys that stem from digital platforms, like kid influencer-created toys, interactive and educational toys, screen-free indoor entertainment and toys for active outdoor play.”

Walmart compiles the list after what they call "expert kid testing and playing".The list is broken down into six categories; From the TV to the Toy Room, High-Tech Gadgets, Interactive Play, Surprise Toys, Energy-Burning Outdoor Toys, and Screen-Free Indoor Entertainment.

The company also announced a bonus "gift" called the Walmart Wonder Lab, a way for kids to actually experience the Top-Rated by Kids toys themselves, The program will allow kids to play and engage with hundreds of toys from the aisles of America’s Best Toy Shop. It was created in partnership with eko, Walmart Wonder Lab transports kids into a choice-driven experience where kids can unbox, test and play with this holiday season’s hottest toys without leaving home.

You view the entire list here, and take a look at a few of the hottest below.

A Few Top Selections From Walmarts Hottest Toys for the 2020 Holiday Season

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