It wasn't exactly "fake news," more like a BIG misunderstanding.

Seems like everybody in the state and country shared this story earlier this week, and now, we have some clarity on it.

A judge in Sanilac county had awarded joint custody of a child to Christopher Mirasolo - a man who raped a 12-year-old girl back in 2008, which resulted in pregnancy. The woman is now 21 and her child is 8.

She has finally requested assistance from the state, and the first step in receiving financial aid is to establish paternity. When Mirasolo was confirmed to be the father, the judge awarded him joint custody - not knowing that he was a child molester and rapist, according to the mother's attorney.

Yesterday afternoon, the judged issued a stay on the ruling, and it's possible that the judge was not given all of the information by the prosecutor. The mother's attorney also says that she doesn't think that the prosecutor understood the ruling.

That's a pretty BIG misunderstanding that resulted in a LOT of outrage, don't ya think?

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