Nothing we love more than to update a prior story with a GOOD ending!

In January, we told you about Corey Zielinski, the Bay City man who is paralyzed from the waist down after falling from a tree stand in 2009. He was confined to a wheelchair and told that he'd never walk again.

His main goal, aside from just walking in general, is to walk his daughter down the aisle someday. And the only way he could do that is with ReWalk - a company that makes a robotic exoskeleton that helps people who have spinal cord injuries to walk again.

Of course, as is the problem with most medical problems: the cost. His insurance wouldn't cover it. And $80,000 wasn't in the budget.

After our media partners at WNEM ran the story, Oakland Orthopedics called Corey and offered him the ReWalk system. It's obviously going to be a long journey, but Corey is just thankful to have the opportunity.

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