An unknown substance found on a slide in Crampton Park in Downtown Lapeer has caused burns on a toddler, and the teen who tried to help the child. The 1.5-year-old boy and 14-year-old girl are now being treated for the burns.

Both children came into contact with the unknown substance at Crampton Park Thursday (yesterday) morning around 10:30 am. According to ABC12, the toddler was the first to come in contact with the substance on the slide. He got it on his legs. While the teen girl was trying to help the boy, she also got the substance on her legs. Both kids were taken to McLaren in Lapeer for burn treatment. The boy was eventually transferred to the Hurly burn unit.

Police do not know at this time what the substance on the slide is. They have removed the substance from the slide at Crampton Park, as well as check the other play equipment at that park and nearby parks. If you have any information please call      810-664-0833.

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