File this under "how do we sign up?" A Dutch company called Pockies is betting on American men loving lounging around in their underwear and watching TV so much  that they're  willing to pay them to do it.

The company wants to see what America thinks of their new design of boxers equipped with pockets and are looking for a few good men in the to give them a try. The "skilled" underwear tester will get $500 for a day of sitting on a couch and watching TV. Yes really.

Pockies, that runs with the catch phrase "Pockies: Because Pants Slow You Down", feels their boxershorts are fitted in such a way you can comfortably sit on a couch without flashing your goods to the world and the  added pockets give you the freedom of not needing to wear pants while still having handy places to keep your stuff. Genius right?

The only thing they ask in return for your commitment to the best job in the world, ( their words not mine), is that you spend your day at home wearing the boxers and then answer a list of questions about the uber important couch life. "This way we get firsthand information on potential ways to improve our product.” says founder Michiel Dicker. “Just relax, check out your favorite show and keep breathing,” is his advice .

If you think you have what it takes or know somebody that is qualified to be lazy, sign up here. The lucky sloutch will be announced on Labor Day.

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