Students at UM-Flint return to classes today with limited in-person classes.

The fall semester at the University of Michigan - Flint Campus starts today. As with every school, kindergarten and up, the fall semester looks way different from last year. For students at UM-Flint, the majority of courses will be taught remotely, with a few in-person classes taking place on a limited basis.

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For the faculty and students that are physically returning to campus, a new screening process is in place. When students arrive, they can expect the following:

  • A short list of health screening questions will be asked that will need to be completed within two hours of their visit to campus.
  • All employees, visitors, and staff will be required to wear a face covering, which can include a mask, scarf, or bandana.
  • Those who do not pass the health screening or have a face covering will not be allowed on campus.

For those returning to campus, there are nine health screening locations available.

  1. Thompson Library (second floor)
  2. Thompson Library (third floor)
  3. University Center (first floor, main entrance)
  4. UPAV Ramp (second floor entrance to University Pavilion)
  5. University Pavilion (first floor, main entrance)
  6. French Hall (second floor main entrance)
  7. Murchie Science Building (second floor entrance)
  8. William S. White Building (first floor main entrance)
  9. Northbank Center (North Building, first floor entrance)

As for events and activities, most of those will occur in a virtual format. Employees are encouraged to work remotely if possible.

For all the students returning to campus today, from one Wolverine to another, good luck, be safe, and GO BLUE!

Source: UM-Flint


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