Build-A-Bear is bringing back the ill-fated 'Pay Your Age' sale which led to chaos at malls across the US last year. But this time, there's a catch.

Last summer, not everyone who wanted to pay a dollar amount equivalent to their child's age was able to do so. That'll be the case this, but this time it's by design.

A new ticket system implemented by Build-A-Bear should prevent long lines of angry parents snaking through mall corridors like they did last year. Parents who would like to be selected for the promotion can sign up for the store's bonus club and fill out a birthday profile for their kids.

This year's promotion will be capped at 200,000 bears and parents will be selected randomly to participate.

You can find Build-A-Bear stores in the Great Lakes Crossing mall, Somerset Collection, and Twelve Oaks mall.

The new system should eliminate the chaos and legions of angry parents like the ones pictured in the video below from the Build-A-Bear event last year at the Great Lakes Crossing store.


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