This just goes to show you never know who your neighbors are.

Melissa Gilbert, actress from Little House on the Prairie, and her husband, Timothy Busfield, who you may remember from 30 Something or West Wing, are building a new life in Howell, Michigan. What brought her here?

Her husband Timothy Busfield is an East Lansing native. In May of 2013, the two stars got married in Los Angeles and spent their honeymoon in Michigan at Busfield's then-home in Holly.

It was then that the new couple decided to make Michigan their true home. But it wasn't just about moving away from the craziness of Los Angeles. The couple said that they didn't move here to retire. They moved here to work.

Gilbert just finished writing her first children's book, "Daisy and Josephine," a story about a little girl who travels with her father, as he performs, and her French bulldog that she loves to dress up.

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