Lord help the waitstaff that had to bring him his food. We'd probably run away screaming and quit on the spot.

It's a bird...it's a plane...it's...GORDON RAMSAY!

Let's be honest - the guy is super tall, so he'd stick out in a crowd even if he wasn't Gordon Ramsay.

The multi-Michelin-star chef has been seen gallivanting around Michigan's Upper Peninsula recently, dining at several spots in Copper Harbor and Houghton.

He hasn't made any kind of official announcement as to what he's doing in the mitten state; none of the pictures have been posted on his official social media outlets. However, several pictures are being posted online by fans who spotted him up north.

One of his stops was at Jamesen's Fish Market and Bakery:


You never know what a day will bring.

Gordon Ramsay and crew stopped by looking for a coffee today. They were touring...

Posted by Jamsen's Fish Market and Bakery on Friday, September 25, 2020

The full post reads:

Gordon Ramsay and crew stopped by looking for a coffee today. They were touring the area. We had just closed and it was a busy day but we did have some hot coffee and cookies left for them. Some words from Gordon Ramsay were “This is truly a beautiful area”. “This is really good coffee”. And after spending some time relaxing on the dock 'This is wonderful.'It was an honor for us. Thank you for the visit.

A less-formal picture (okay, in all honesty, it's totally a stalker pic but we digress) was taken at Suomi, a Finnish restaurant, in Houghton:

nbd just Gordon Ramsay chillin 10 feet away from my dad and i at suomi just now

Posted by Manda Paige on Thursday, September 24, 2020

It's possible that he was scouting locations and/or filming for his National Geographic show, Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted.

Either way, that's not a famous face that you see in Michigan every day. Welcome, Gordon!

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