The short version of the story, TV meteorologist Joe Crain didn't care much for a corporate mandate that dictated severe weather details be accompanied by the warning 'Code Red.' The weatherman for Springfield, Illinois TV station WICS took to the air to criticize Sinclair Broadcasting's policy, noting that he and other staff members had fought against its implication.

Days later, Crain was gone and his profile had been scrubbed from the ABC affiliate's website.

Residents of the Illinois Capital city are outraged at the beloved weatherman's dismissal, flooding the station with email and numerous criticisms on its Facebook page. A rally is planned for tonight at the Illinois State Fairgrounds to protest the meteorologist's firing.

Now talk show host Stephen Colbert has weighed in with a humorous video below.

"The theory behind the 'Code Red' is that it's exciting, it's grabbing, and more people would keep watching if you scare them until their pants are at Code Brown," Colbert quipped.


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