You have been warned. But look at how awesome these unique to Michigan waterfalls are! **runs to the restroom**

As a kid, my parents packed my sister and I to go up to the upper peninsula to check out the majestic waterfalls. I remember being totally impressed by the height and the power of the water. Also, I had to make a ton of pit stops.

You ready to dive into this list? You get bonus points if you watch all of the videos and not have to visit the restroom:

5. Miners Falls -- Munising

Part of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, these falls are wonderful to look at and have about a 40-foot drop going on.

4. Sable Falls -- Seney 

These falls have an added bonus, a beach! But they also have a ton of stairs to tackle before you are there.

3. Black River Falls -- Ishpeming

There is so much wilderness to these falls it's crazy. Tons of trees and you can actually hear the thundering water well before you get there.

2. Laughing Whitefish Falls -- Munising

This is a very unique set of waterfalls. Complete with observation decks for you to check out all the rushing water.

1. Tahquamenon Falls - Paradise

Hands down the mother of all waterfalls in Michigan. If this majestic view doesn't make you tinkle, you must have a bladder of steel.

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