A drive-thru customer at a Tim Hortons in Canada started a chain reaction by paying for the next car's order, and the string of generosity continued for over three hours, and a total of 228 customers who each picked up the tab for the next person in line.

Even though the 229th customer's order was fully covered, he refused to 'pay it forward,' declining to pick up the tab for the next guy. Boo!

Troy Thompson, manager of the doughnut shop in Winnipeg, Manitoba, told the CBC that the positive energy created by the event was infectious.

"They were calling out the numbers, 'We're at 162,' and they made a really big deal of it," he said. "I think that's what helped keep it going because nobody wanted to be the one who broke that streak."

Have you ever paid it forward, and picked up the check for a total stranger? Has anyone ever treated you out of the blue? Tell us about it in the Comments section below, and we could share your story on the air.

- George McIntyre
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