Tickets originally sold out in September, but more haunted tour dates have been added.

Detroit Paranormal Expeditions is obviously realizing that ghost tours of a local abandoned mental hospital are en vogue and have added more dates to their tours of the Eloise Asylum in Westland.

Tickets start at $65 and yes, there is an age limit - you must be 18 years old.

Eloise opened in 1839, originally as the Wayne County Poorhouse. The complex was home to its own fire department and railroad, and was one of the first hospitals in Michigan to use kidney dialysis. It also treated tuberculosis patients in open-air, and used shock treatment on psychiatric patients.

The complex decreased in population after the Depression after allegations of abuse and mistreatment. The state took it over in the 70s, and the hospital closed in 1984.

To check out open dates and purchase tickets, click HERE.

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