This isn’t an opinion piece - it’s fact and I’m tired of it.

Six-year-old twin brothers and their nun-year-old sister were killed today in Indiana when a pickup truck hit them while they were boarding their school bus. A fourth child, who is not related, was airlifted to a hospital.

The bus driver had the “stop” arm lowered. The woman didn’t see it, didn’t care, or both.

I get it - she has to live with what she did. That stinks.

You know what’s worse? That drivers don’t seem to give a care about school buses anymore.

Don’t try to blame it on the bus drivers because you KNOW it’s almost NEVER their fault. You know why buses pick up our kids so early? Because they’re transporting other peoples’ children and they have to exercise extreme caution.

They stop often. They yield at railroad crossings. They drive slowly for a reason.

Get over it. Our commutes to work/breakfast/the store are not more important.

I can’t count how many times I’ve seen somebody blow past a school bus this year when their stop arm is lowered, their hazards are on and kids are getting onor off.

What would you rather tell your boss - that you’re six minutes late to work because you waited for a school bus Or that you hit the kids getting on it?

Authorities estimate that about 10 million cars illegally pass school buses every year.

We all know what time they’re on the road, and most likely which routes they frequent. If school buses are in your way, take a different way - but not around a stopped bus. This is shameful.

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