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You can get your scare on and get a sparkling clean vehicle at the same time -- as Quality Car Wash in Holland opens its 'Tunnel of Terror' again this year.

Check out the video below for a peek at last year's Tunnel of Terror.

Holland is just two hours from Flint, so it could be a fun family outing -- and something different for Halloween weekend.

(And we think it would be a great thing for some of our local car washes to plan to do next year. Are you listening, Letavis? Sparkle Buggy?)

Quality's Marketing Director Dan Ebels tells the Holland Sentinel that they've made a few adjustments this year, because of the pandemic.

"We’re especially excited about this year because it’s a contact-free experience where you stay in your vehicle,” Ebels said.

He went on to say that the event is not recommended for children under 10, but they leave that leave it up to parents to use their discretion.

“As you’re going through, there are actual characters that will scare you,” Ebels said. “We’ve had many younger children come through, but we leave that up to parents.”

The haunted car wash is located at 499 E. Eighth St. in Holland and is open from 7 to 11 pm Friday and Saturday, Oct. 30 and 31.

The car wash will cost you $15 and a tank of gas.


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