On a frigid cold day like today, you could boil some water and head outside to see what happens when you throw it into the air -- or you could just curl up with your Snuggie and your phone and watch other people doing it.

This compilation video shows a half dozen who went to the trouble of heating up the water, bundling up and heading out into the Arctic Tundra to capture the event on video. Click here to watch. 

And then there's the crazy couple from Canada (video below) who wanted to see how long it would take for a t-shirt to freeze in the cold. (Because everybody wants to know, right?) They also decided to test the theory that licking a light pole as Flick did in 'A Christmas Story' would result in getting your tongue stuck. Spoiler alert:  It's true.

So be safe out there. Leave the cold weather tricks to the experts. Crazy people.


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