This is the $1.6 million home for sale in my area

We've done some home renovations in the last year. We added an addition which became our new kitchen and laundry area (which in turn gave us more living room/dining room area), painted, and bought new carpeting. All in all, we've been proud of the work we had done and very pleased with our new and improved abode.

And then I found this listing on Zillow.

It's for a $1.65 million home just a few miles from my house. Seriously? (And what the hell was I doing on Zillow anyway?)

Ok, so each of the bedrooms has a balcony and there's a four-car garage. We have a nicer washer. Just for fun, check out the photos here. We could be neighbors. Or my family could live in your basement and we'd probably never see each other. Now our newly-renovated home feels like it's the Gallaghers' house on 'Shameless.'


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