Well, like they say, you learn something new everyday.  I took my family to see The Muppets over the weekend and it ended with one of my favorite songs, "Mahna Mahna."  I knew that the catchy tune debuted on "Sesame Street" back in 1969, and was the first act on the pilot episode of "The Muppet Show" in 1976.  I was shocked this morning when a friend sent me an article that tells of the song's origin.

The first time the catchy tune was heard was in an Italian soft-core movie called "Sweden: Heaven & Hell."

"Mahna, Mahna," or “Viva la Sauna Svedese” as the song was originally titled, appears in a scene in which a group of good looking ladies make their way through snow to a sauna.  Then the scene cuts to the group inside the sauna, draped in towels and giggling as they soak up the heat.

Check out the movie clip below along with the full version of the song.  Personally, I like the Muppets version better.