She had a social media campaign and a petition to receive an invite to the White House, and her wish came true.

Virginia McLaurin was born in the south in 1909, posted this on her White House petition page:

I remember the times before President Hoover. I remember when we didn't have any electricity. I had a kerosene lamp. I remember the first car model Ford.My husband was in the Army. I lost my husband in 1941. I've been in DC ever since. I was living here when Martin Luther King was killed.

She also said that she'd never met a President, and that she never thought she'd see a black President. She even said that she'd come to his house, "to make things easier."

The joy on her face just says it all. I hope that we can all put our personal political beliefs aside for a moment and just enjoy this beautiful video. So happy for her!


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