All Hallow's Eve will soon approach, and who better to get excited about all the costumed possibilities than the cosplay nerds of 'The Big Bang Theory"? But all is not well between our favorite couples, even in matching costumes, so what do the new clips reveal about Thursday's "The Holographic Excitation"?

It's Halloween for 'The Big Bang Theory' once again, and as per usual, the nerdy level of costume and cosplay are present. The current season has tended to be all about the couples, so you know what that means: couple's costumes! Yes, the bane of all singlehood's existence.

The newly returned-to-earth Howard Wolowitz and his lovely bride Bernadette seem to have the least amount of trouble picking out a costume choice, having perfectly recreated down to the skin tone Papa Smurf and Smurfette! Meanwhile, Leonard and Penny have a bit of trouble matching as Albert Einstein and a hot cop, but none more so than Sheldon and Amy!

In the clip below, you'll see Howard and Bernadette first up, with Howard feeling more than a little down since he returned to Earth from space, and having lost a bit of what made him special. Sheldon and Amy on the other hand, in another clip, can't seem to agree on anything they might have in common enough to dress as! So what are the alternatives?

Check out the new clips from 'The Big Bang Theory's' Halloween episode "The Holographic Excitation" below, and tell us what you think in the comments!

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