The 2021 Mackinac Bridge walk is 100% happening, and we are so excited, but there are going to be a few differences this year.

Back in May the Mackinac Bridge Authority announced that they were tentatively planning on having the annual bridge walk. Nobody was quite sure where we would be with the pandemic, and after being forced to cancel the 2020 bridge walk, everyone wanted to be overly cautious. Any doubt that remained about the bridge walk for 2021 has been erased, as officials have announced it is a full go.

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The good news is that the 2021 bridge walk is definitely going to happen, but the other side of the story is that it will look a little different this year.

The 2021 Mackinac Bridge Walk Options

There are three main options for people planning to walk the Mackinac Bridge on September 6th, and they all depend on how early you get started.

  • Start from either end of the bridge, walk halfway and then turn back to the side you started from. The turn around points will shift towards the ends of the bridge starting at 10am, but officials say that as long as you start by 11:30am, you should be able to walk near the center before turning around.
  • Start from either end of the bridge, walk the entire length, and then walk back to your original starting point. Keep in mind that this will be nearly 12 miles of walking, and you'll have to leave really early. You'll need to reach the midway point of the bridge by 10am on your return trip if you want to do this option.
  • Start from either end of the bridge and walk to the other side. This is the most traditional option, but with the covid restrictions in place, there are no shuttles. If you do this, you'll be responsible for finding a ride back to your starting point.

If you didn't feel like reading through the options, you can watch the video explaining them below.


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