Dumb things happen all day at work. And depending on the average IQ of your coworkers, some days may be better than others.

Someone here in our office flooded the kitchen. This dimwit walks around all day with a water mug that's the size of a half-keg. Stay hydrated, my friends. It takes all of about a minute to fill it from the water dispenser and in that one minute he was distracted, probably by something shiny.

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The jug remained under the spout fo several minutes, running over. And over. And over.

When someone finally noticed what was going on, they got out the mop and cleaned up half of Lake Huron that had spilled out onto the kitchen floor.

"We had the United Way on standby with sandbags," quipped one anonymous coworker. "Just another day here at Adult Daycare," remarked another.

By the way, sorry, guys. I'll try to pay closer attention.

C Monroe
C Monroe

I lift my water mug in a toast. Here's hoping the week gets better from this point forward.

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