Get ready, Michigan. We're about to be hit with some bitterly cold temperatures and wind chill readings around 40 below, all thanks to a Polar Vortex. This could be some of the coldest weather we've seen in the last two years.

OK, we know it's not nice to say I told you so, but ... we told you so, back in December.

So what should we expect? We could see daytime high temperatures that hover right around zero degrees and nighttime lows somewhere between -10 and -20. When you factor in the wind, it could feel like -20 during the day and maybe even -40 degrees at night. (By the way, this is after we get hit with 5 to 8 inches of accumulating snow on Monday!)

Take a look at the graphic below from ABC-12. It's the American Weather Model's prediction of wind chill values that we can expect midweek.

When do we get put into the deep freeze? According to weather experts, the American and European weather models don't agree on the timing. But it will likely be sometime between the early morning hours of Wednesday (1/30) and into Thursday morning when temperatures plummet. Temps will likely be back into the 20s by next weekend.

So get ready to bundle up, bring the pets inside, and call in sick!


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