Ted Nugent didn't have nice things to say about his hometown of Detroit's Democratic politicians, or former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm during a recent campaign stop in Texas. The Nuge, who now calls the Lone Star home, has thrown his support behind Texas republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott.

"I left Detroit because the liberal Democrats engineered the absolute suicide of this fantastic city with their horrific anti-American, anti-freedom, anti-independence agenda," Nugent told Abbott supporters.

Democrat Wendy Davis will likely be the candidate that Abbott faces in the upcoming general election.

"We had a Wendy Davis in Detroit. We had a Wendy Davis in Michigan. Her name was Jennifer Granholm. And today, Detroit is an embarrassment. It is a cesspool. There is a declaration of dependence in Detroit."

Nugent also referred to President Obama as a "sub-human mongrel."
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Thank you, YouTube! A video of former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm when she was a contestant on the 'Dating Game' in 1978 has just popped up online. Or should I call her "cute and curvaceous Jennifer Granholm," because that's how she's introduced on the show?

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