Do you ever wonder why people choose the field of work that they do? Usually it is because they have a love or a passion for that type of work. This case is a little stranger. Maria C. Waltherr-Willard is a language teacher who suffers from  pedophobia, which means she is afraid of young children. Seems like someone wouldf have a difficult time being a teacher if they suffered from something like that, doesn't it? Maria suffers from anxiety, chest pains and vomiting when she is in the company of little children. So, why did she choose to be a teacher?

Her school district in Cincinnati assigned her to high school to help her. It seems that older children don't cause the same reactions for her. When the district was about to change regular classes to on-line classes, she complained about the change, she claims the school district assigned her to a junior high class that ignited her pedophobia reignited again.

The stress of working around the younger children forced her to retire because it raised her blood pressure to dangerous levels.

The situation has resulted in a lawsuit against the school district claiming discrimination, but doesn't it make you wonder why she chose the education field in the first place?

A judge already has denied three lawsuits she filed. A fourth is still awaiting his decision.