Seriously, have the tissues out for this little gem.

10-year-old Kentucky resident Ryan Neighbors has Spina Bifida, which can make everyday activities for a fourth-grader extra tough. So, when her class went on a field trip to Falls of Ohio State Park, she naturally assumed she'd be left out on some activities.

She was wrong.

Ryan had missed out on said field trip the year before, so her mom went the extra mile to ensure that she would be included. Because the trails are not wheelchair accessible, her mom bought a special backpack that she could be carried around in.

And that's when science teacher Jim Freeman chimed in - he offered to carry Ryan on his back ALL DAY LONG.

Ryan's mom's post blew up on Facebook, as it should, and Mr. Freeman has been interviewed by news stations around the world.

He's truly an "out of this world teacher," get it? ;) Nominate YOUR teacher HERE.

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