It's April 1, which means it's April Fool's Day, which means we're eyeing everything around us with suspicion, fearing a lie "joke." The instinct is to cling to what we know is real: Taylor Swift is an actual human person, Apple is her foe-turned-friend and Drake and Future's "Jumpman" is an enormously popular song. Thus, a new commercial featuring all three is the real deal, despite its arguably-odd choice of release date. It's also pretty funny.

Taylor, who's proven herself quite the fan of popular rap in the past, gears up for a workout at the top of the clip, ("man I hate cardio") and describes how to select your AppleMusic #gymflow playlist in a voice-over. Taylor busts out her own flow after some light stretching, yell-rapping the What a Time to Be Alive track as so many Americans before her have.

Just as she truly finds her tempo just like she's DJ Mustard (WOO), her enthusiasm results in a — well, just watch and find out.

Impressive stuntwork, Tay.

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