Find the Motivation to Exercise [SPONSORED CONTENT]
Contributed by: Krystal Smith | Fitness Program Specialist | Certified Personal Trainer | Hurley Health and Fitness Center
Finding the motivation to exercise can be difficult. Finding the motivation to stick to an exercise routine can become even more difficult
The 10-Year-Old Workout Kid [Video]
This morning we started talking about bodybuilding for young boys and wanted to know how young is too young to start? Experts say boys as young as six have started going to the gym and I even came across a story of a 10-year-old, who's known as 'The Workout Kid.'
Daddy Fitness Routine; Turn Babies Into Barbells [VIDEO]
Hey, I thought I was the dad who invented this years ago, I guess not. I think all dads and moms do this, lift your kids over your head, between your legs etc, however I bet you didn't approach it as a work out . These barbells are made in America. Check out the video after the jump.
Sex Can Lead to Death, Says Study
A new study has confirmed what doctors have long suspected: A sudden burst of moderate to intense activity, in particular sex, greatly increases your risk of suffering a deadly cardiac event.
Researchers from Tufts University compiled data from 14 studies which explored the link between sex and hear…
Pole Dancing; For Jesus
Strip club, that's the first place that used to pop into my head when I thought about pole dancing, not anymore. Some women in Old Town Spring, Texas are pole dancing, once a month for Jesus. They feel God gave them their bodies, so they are supposed to take care of them. Yep, the classes are h…