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Juwan Howard Wins 2021 Big 10 Coach of the Year
Juwan Howard was named the Big 10 Coach of the Year in his first season at head coach in Ann Arbor. Michigan had a phenomenal season under Howard, winning the regular season Big 10 Championship. Juwan Howard was a huge part in what the Wolverines were able to do this year, and is a strong candidate for the NCAA Coach of the Year award...
Cincinnati Versus Xavier Game Ends In Bench Clearing Brawl [VIDEO]
It's said that good sportsmanship starts when you're a little kid. Sometimes there are so many bad examples of poor sportsmanship along the way that it should be no surprise why we are always seeing our children acting it out.  Cincinnati played Xavier last night and the whole poor sportsmanship thing came out. Watch the whole embarrassing moment unfold after the jump.