The only way to make a bride’s special day even better is to give her dinner from Taco Bell in the limo after the ceremony. That’s the message of a somewhat tongue-in-cheek new commercial from the fast food joint, which depicts members of a wedding party pigging out on their way to the after party with the help of vibrant music from an indie musician.

‘Hey You’ by Pigeon John serves as the soundtrack for the feast. Pigeon John is a hip-hop artist from L.A., but ‘Hey You’ is more along the lines of garage rock with a poppy melody. The song kicks off the promo as members of the wedding group take photos to remember the special day. Then, a Taco Bell 12-pack enters the picture, and the revelers pass around the box and munch down the crunchy snacks.

The notion of a brand new bride going out of her way to get Taco Bell seems a little odd, but the commercial sure makes the taco dinner look like a great way to cap off a long, emotional day. The ad ends with the Taco Bell slogan “Fourth meal” and the voiceover, “Sometimes the best dinner is after the dinner.”

‘Hey You’ appears on Pigeon John’s album ‘Dragon Slayer,’ which was released in 2010. Past projects from the rapper include the interesting album titles ‘Pigeon John is Clueless,’ ‘Pigeon John Is Dating Your Sister’ and ‘Pigeon John Featuring Pigeon John.’

Watch Pigeon John’s ‘Hey You’ in the Taco Bell Wedding After Party Commercial

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