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A Michigan man's Donald Trump float was stolen and taken on a joyride Friday night as he checked into a motel.

Rob Cortis built the 'Trump Unity Bridge' in 2016. The Livonia man travels around the country as part of the 'Trump 2020 Build the Wall' tour, and has taken the float to 48 states, according to Mlive.

Cortis, along with a few others, stopped at an East Tulsa Motel Friday night. While they were checking in, someone jumped in the truck that he uses to haul the float.

“One of our girls came screaming ‘They stole the unity bridge! They stole the Trump Unity Bridge!’” Cortis told Tulsa TV Station Fox-23. “So, I ran outside. I say, "Where’s it at? It’s gone.'”

Cortis and his friend Jason Bright chased the driver as he drove erratically, running over road signs and branches. The suspect jumped out of the vehicle and ran but he was soon thereafter apprehended and arrested by police.

Someone fired shots during the chase but it is yet to be determined from where the originated. No one was injured by the gunshots or during the chase.

The float did sustain damage, as you can see in this video from Fox-23.

According to Mlive, Cortis' support for Trump goes back many years before the 2016 presidential election when he met Donald Trump at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas.

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