One man is dead after getting into a confrontation with another man over mask-wearing in Lansing.

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Michigan State Police say a 77-year-old masked man from Lansing confronted 43-year-old Sean Ruis from Grand Ledge because he was not wearing a mask. The altercation took place at a Quality Dairy convenience store in Lansing.

Ruis, who had been refused service by the store, pulled out a knife and stabbed the 77-year-old man. He then fled from the scene in a car.

Police responded to the store, then located the suspect's vehicle and conducted a traffic stop. Upon being stopped, Ruis immediately got out of his vehicle and began walking toward the police deputy with weapons. The veteran deputy walked backward in an attempt to put distance between himself and the suspect but was forced to shot and injure him.

The video below, posted by the Michigan State Police, may be difficult to watch.

Ruis died during surgery Tuesday (7/14) at a Lansing area hospital.

The stabbing victim has been reported to be in serious condition.

We all have been made aware of the rules. This unfortunate incident occurred on the second day after it was made clear that masks must be worn in public places in Michigan. It's simple: If you're not going to wear a mask in public, please stay home.


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