If, like me, you pay close attention to the Superbowl for the commercials more so than the football then you'll agree there were a few that stood out last night. For me, my favorite was GM's ad promoting their electric vehicles featuring Will Ferrell. Anything where Will Ferrell yells directly at the camera makes me laugh without question.

But, a few Michiganders caught something, well, disappointing in Jeep's Superbowl ad.

If you missed it, the two minute ad features singer Bruce Springsteen driving through what looks like the middle of the country talking about coming together. That people need to meet in the middle. Ultimately, it pushed a message about unity. You can see the ad below:

The message behind the commercial is great...except when you get to the end. That's when a few Michiganders noticed that the UP was, once again, left off the drawn map of the United States. *cue facepalm*

What's the deal?? I've only lived here since September of 2020 and I've seen this happen at least 3 times.

Chelsea Rose
Jeep's ReUnited Commercial Via Youtube


A Facebook post by Randall H. in the public group, PureUP, was the first I saw online to point out this flaw. It's clear, Michiganders are over it.

Becky C wrote: Yep!! Every Yooper in my house was yelling at the TV

Jay L commented: We deserve free Jeeps! The Yoop is perfect for them, don’t ignore us!

Emily K made a very good point saying: To be fair they left out Alaska and Hawaii. But this always happens with the UP 

And Mike H reminded us of an important fact: This from a company that has its HQ in Michigan!

Mike's correct! The headquarters for Jeep is, in fact, in Auburn Hills, MI. Which brings the irony of creating a unity commercial, while simultaneously leaving out parts of the United States, full circle.

Jeep, and everyone else who has forgotten that the UP exists, do better!

While I'm giving Jeep a hard time, they're hardly the first to make this mistake. Back in 2019, Mountain Dew thought the UP was in Wisconsin. Read more below.

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