My ex-wife lives in Alabama and is a Crimson Tide fan, but I don't think she'd ever go THIS far!

There's a lot of hardcore college football fans out there, but this woman takes the cake. Or...the eye.

Mary Farr graduated from the University of Alabama in the late 1960s. Her middle name is Bama (after a grandmother whose name was Alabama), and she says there's "nothing orange" in her house. So she decided to go one further...and have her fake eye represent her Crimson Tide allegiance.

She lost one of her eyes in a plane crash back in the 1970s, and she just had this one made in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago. She also just overcame a brain tumor. ""I've been through a lot of stuff. But I'm telling you I love the Crimson Tide. They are the best," Farr said.  "It's God, family and the Crimson Tide for me."

More power to ya, Mary. Now, I'm going to show this to AJ, since she has an eye phobia. Ha!