Thousands of comic book shops around the world, including Comic Explosion in Lapeer, will be celebrating Free Comic Book Day Saturday, May 6th. It's the 16th anniversary of the event.

Worldwide, about six million comics will be given away. "The wide array of comic books being published today ensures that readers of all ages -- children, teens, and adults -- can find something appropriate that will stir their imaginations," said Comic Explosion owner Gordon Sherman. "Even if you have never picked up a comic book, stop into Comic Explosion, because you never know what you will end up finding."

If you have a child that resists, or struggles with reading, comic books may be the answer. When one of our sons was just beginning to read, and having difficulty with comprehension, we were told to encourage him read ANYTHING - comic books, video game manuals, even cereal boxes - because it's much easier to read something that's fun and interesting. There may be a comic book that catches your beginning reader's eye.

Comic Explosion is located at 216 E. Nepessing St. in Lapeer.  Reach them at 810-667-3972.  Free Comic Book Day runs from noon to 5:00 pm.

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