With Weekend Update anchor Seth Meyers leaving SNL to take over hosing duties on 'Late Night' next year, last night's season finale of everyone's favorite comedy show quietly sent him off in style. In addition to an epic reunion with Stefon, Meyers also got to team up with his former co-anchor, the great Amy Poehler, one last time.

SNL fans will remember that Meyers and Poehler used to share the Weekend Update desk back in the day, so seeing them back together brings back all of the warm fuzzies. Poehler may headline one of the best comedies currently on the air (you are watching 'Parks and Recreation,' right?) and Meyers may be making the big jump to late night talk shows, but the two of them still have an undeniable chemistry. It's like they never stopped doing this.

Anyway, Poehler is back for one final "Really?!? With Seth and Amy" and their target is straight out of the headlines: the IRS and Tea Party scandal. There's nothing revelatory about the scene, but more solid comedy from a lovable team that we haven't seen in far too long is always a good thing.

Just when we've finally gotten over Poehler leaving SNL, Meyers has to pull up stakes. See you at 'Late Night,' sir!

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