With the temperatures in the 90s and the heat index close to 100, we have some bizarre tips to help you stay cool. And some of them are the complete opposite of what you would probably think.

1) Lick Your Wrists.

Monkeys and other animals lick their wrists to keep cool, and this trick works on humans too.  Now, you could just run your wrists under cold water for a few seconds, but where is the fun in that?


Maksim Shebeko, flickr

2) Eat Hot Salsa.

The hotter the better because, believe it or not, spicy foods cool you down.  To spare others, you should eat a breath mint too.


Dodgeram, flickr

3) Keep Lotion In Your Fridge.

That way when you apply your sun screen, tanning lotion, or medicated cream for that unsightly rash, it will keep you cool for a while.


Pablo Caro, flickr

4) Turn Off Your TV. 

Today's TVs may be flatter than the giant box TV at your grandma's house, but they generate a lot of heat.  Make sure you keep yours turned off when you're not watching it.


Lang_Ston, flickr

5) Put Your Mattress On The Floor.

Because heat rises, the closer you are to the floor, the cooler you will be.  It also help to put your fan on the floor and angle it upwards.


6) Eat Frozen Yogurt Instead Of Ice Cream.

Yogurt has a much higher water content than ice cream, about 85%, and more water is much better to stay cool.

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