Sia might have been born in a thunderstorm, but these days it seems she's perfectly content sweeping the clouds away.

The This Is Acting singer, whose face is generally obscured by hulking two-toned wigs, peeled back her hairline a bit during a visit to the Sesame Street set as part of the show's #SesameTakesLA project yesterday (March 2). While sporting a clown nose, technicolor bow and expression that read "I'm literally the happiest person on earth," the singer rubbed elbows with Cookie Monster, Elmo and Big Bird...and also showed off her dance moves.

"having the BEST time today at @sesamestreet," Sia captioned the photo above, in what doesn't even register as hyperbole.

And, since Sesame Street runs in both directions (does it? it might actually be one-way. I'd be a hack as a city planner), Sia made sure her new friends were having just as much fun as she, outfitting them each with her signature bobbed 'do. In our estimation, Abby has never looked better.

#SesameTakesLA, which began airing earlier this week, has been scant about details. But Jason Derulo, James Corden and Little Big Town have also been on set filming with the likes of The Count and Grover. Last year's class of guest stars included Gwen Stefani, Sara Bareilles and Gina Rodriguez.

Tell us what you think of Sia: Aspiring Clown, and hang tight for more info on her Sesame Street appearance.

Here is what Sia's unobstructed face looks like:

Check out Jacquie Lee's cover of Sia's "Chandelier":

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