An impatient baby girl in Lansing just couldn't let Mom get inside the building, insisting on making her way into this world in the hospital's parking garage.

Baby Born in Mom's SUV

The baby was born in the family's sport utility vehicle on October 30, at Sparrow Hospital. Dr. Katheryn Moody is an emergency medicine specialist with Sparrow Health System. She and her team rushed to the parking garage after learning that the mother was about to deliver the baby and wouldn't be able to make it inside the hospital.

“Our team got word that there was someone delivering in the parking lot and raced outside,” Moody tells the Lansing CBS affiliate WLNS-TV. “We worked together and helped deliver a healthy baby girl while the first of snow of fall was falling. Mom and baby did great, and we are honored to be a part of their story.”

Moody and four other hospital staffers were able to make it to the parking garage just in time to deliver the 5-pound, 6-ounce baby girl.

Amanda Wonsey is an Emergency Medical Technician with Sparrow Hospital. She says this is a first for her.

“I have worked in the hospital setting for a total of 26 years, and this was my first parking lot delivery. I am really glad that baby and mom are doing well,” Wonsey said.


Mom and Baby Doing Well

The names of the mother and her baby have not been released, but Sparrow Hospital says the baby girl spent a few days in the hospital's Intensive Care Unit before being sent home. The mother is also said to be doing well.

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