A waiter who received a tip with a three-letter homophobic slur written on it hasn't turned the $5 bill into the bank yet and doesn't know if he ever will.

Ashton Bindrup received the tip on Saturday (8/15) from a party of three adults who were all wearing 'Trump 2020' hats. On the back of the $5 bill, someone had written, "Get out of America, F**!"

In a lengthy Facebook post (which you can read here) Bindrup says he is quick to forgive and hopes the incident will remind other of how important it is to treat each other respectfully.

"But right now while it's fresh, I hope my words reach out to some of you -- my dear family and friends -- and I hope that you (at the very least) become more mindful of how you present yourselves and what you say both online and in person. Because we all have the ability to effect change in a group for the better, but it's change that can only happen through example."

Bindrup jokingly found the silver lining in the situation, noting that they actually tipped him quite well.

He Tells Fox 13 that he hopes to get the word out that it's important to encourage people to say things differently.

“We have to help people become not so biased,” he said. “This needs to be a learning opportunity, above all else, because there’s hate speech out there and we can all do our part to say things differently.”

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