After much speculation that Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander have been working on a Super Bowl commercial, we can tell you that it's not gonna happen. But, there is some good news for fans of the monstrously popular sitcom "Seinfeld."

After people spotted Jerry and Jason together recently at Tom's Restaurant, the location seen in almost every episode of the 90s sitcom, people wondered "what's the deal?"  Seinfeld has just confirmed that it was not for a much anticipated Super Bowl commercial, but in fact it is for a secret 'Seinfeld' reunion!

Several sources are reporting that the reunion will happen "very, very soon!" In a recent interview, Jerry was asked if Jason Alexander was there as himself or as George Castanza, to which he confirmed... George!  We are also hearing that Larry David is working with him on this secret project, but will not have an on screen cameo.

Are you excited for the "Seinfeld" reunion?