The unofficial kick-off to Summer 2022 is here...Memorial Day weekend. In mid-Michigan that means one thing, it's Koegel hot dog season, and what's a hot dog without coney sauce right?

There has been some discussion throughout the years as to where, and when, the popular sauce was first introduced, and who did the introduction. It's been said that Greek immigrants visited Coney Island in Brooklyn before trekking their way across the country. Apparently, they are the ones that came up with the "must-have" hot dog topping.

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As for the Flint area, the "legend" says it was a man by the name of Simion P. (Sam) Brayan, a Macedonian, that came up with the Flint version in 1924. What makes Flint's sauce Flint's sauce is the ingredients. Flint's coney sauce recipe contains ground beef and ground hot dogs. It's said that Brayan was the one who contracted with Koegel Meat Company to make the coney they still make today, also contracting with Abbott's Meat to provide the fine-grind beef heart sauce base.

So let's get down to the real important stuff....the recipe. I'm sure there are a few slight variations out there, but this one seems to the be the most popular one making its way around social media for the past few years. Keep in mind, that following the recipe is key. No substitutions, don't reduce or add more of the ingredients. And for God's sake...ONLY USE KOEGEL HOT DOGS!  It's a Flint thing.

Check out the recipe below, and happy summer!

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