Be honest, did you throw up your hands in disgust and disbelief over the weekend when the weather experts predicted that two storms would hit Flint and Mid-Michigan this week?

How many times do I have to clear the driveway? How many snow days are schools going to have to call?

Here's some good news:  It appears that the storm that was supposed to blanketing us with snow toward the end of this week is weakening!

Didn't they say we could be seeing about 13 inches of snow Friday into Saturday? Ugh!!

That prediction has been reduced. And don't infer that I'm knocking any of the local TV meteorologists or experts with the National Weather Service. Weather changes. Computer models that indicate one thing several days in advance may project a different outlook just a few days later.

So what should we expect?

Thursday should bring clouds with only occasional showers. You'll likely see temps in the lower 40s on Valentine's Day.

Rain showers may mix with a little snow early Thursday night, but very little accumulation is expected.

No accumulation is expected for Friday, Friday night, Saturday, and Saturday night.

Of course, the story may change between now and then! :)


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