Where there's a will, there's a way, especially when it comes to teens trying to outsmart their parents. Now, it seems they've found a way to disguise alcohol in candy. That's actually quite creative, but also very dangerous. The trend is so serious that local school districts have issued alerts to teachers and principals to be on the lookout for gummy candies soaked in vodka.

Get more of the story and watch the video after the jump.

The colorless, virtually odorless alcohol has become the choice for teens hoping to sneak booze. The word is spreading like wildfire on social networks and on YouTube, where several "how to” videos with tens of thousands of hits have been found.

So how are the kids doing it?

They dump the gummies in a pan, pour the vodka over the bears, and let it sit. After some time, the bears absorb the alcohol, turning them into an alcohol-soaked candy your child could be chewing on, even while sitting right next to you. They smell like gummy bears, but there's a huge difference, you can taste the alcohol.

Another extremely dangerous part of all of this is, with an entire bottle of vodka poured into a pan of gummies, there's no way for a child to know just how much alcohol they've ingested.

Teachers, mom and dad pay attention, this is happening everywhere. Check out the video below.

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