I started closing my pool over the weekend. I didn't want to wait this long, but between being sick and the weather not cooperating, I didn't have a chance to get to work on it until yesterday. As warm as it was outside, the pool temperature was below 60.

I was bummed because I kind of wanted to jump in. Instead, I began to think about how much fun we had this summer. It reminded me of last year's summer trend that took over backyards the world over, where a bunch of kids get together at a pool with a basketball hoop. Then you record everyone jumping in one at a time doing back-to-back alley-oops and the last person in attempts to dunk it.

Check out a team of seven pulling this off...

...but that video was out-manned by a team of ten alley-ooping it up:

But in my opinion, this video from 2011 dwarfs them all! The last person didn't dunk the ball, he threw it from across the pool without looking! Truly EPIC!!

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