Thanks to the generous support of the people of Genesee County, the Salvation Army has surpassed their fund raising goal of $840,000 by more than $28 thousand. More than $93,000 of that came from pocket change, more than 4 tons of coins. I know there were times when I emerged from the grocery store with only a few coins in my pocket. Putting them in the Red Kettle along with lots of others truly made a difference.
Every donation helped the Salvation Army in their efforts to help people in our community who need it. The money goes to food assistance, Christmas gift packages to families, and to helping people in need with housing and utility bills throughout the year. The Salvation Army thanks the many individuals, groups businesses and organizations that mobilized to make this Red Kettle Campaign a success. Your pocket change can change lives. Thank you for giving!

Salvation Army Bell Ringers Collect Funds For Charity

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